Union introduces composting to Upper


By Nancy Pace

on campus wasn’t really an option” due to space and possible contamination, Haley-Quigley explained, the outside company Empire Zero was better equipped to take Union’s compostable waste to the Schenectady County Compost Facility.

Due to the efforts of Kyle Lanzit ‘13, Union’s environmental and sustainability clubs, and Ozone House Empire Zero has come to campus, offering training sessions, signage, and information for Union to use in order to jump-start this initiative.

Empire Zero also works with Ellis Hospital and other colleges in the area.

For anyone unaware of the new composting initiative on campus, one needs only to take a look at the reorganized waste receptacles in Upperclass Dining. There is still one area to discard “trash,” which includes unrecyclable materials like plastic spoons, plastic wrappers, and paper cups.

The other areas are designated for “compostable items,” which includes almost all foodstuffs, even meat and bones, as well as straws, straw wrappers, and napkins.

USustain co-chair Stacie Schwartz ‘13 explained, “Union College has a goal to be carbon-neutral by the year 2060 and these composting efforts will contribute to this goal. Although we’ve started composting only in Upper, we hope this program will be successful so we could spread the program to West and all other dining facilities.”

Haley-Quigley mentioned that in Upperclass Dining’s kitchen, the staff continues to separate compostable waste behind the scenes. Haley-Quigley concluded that this is “hopefully the first phase of compost campaign across campus.”


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