Union grad featured in Cosmopolitan


By Nicolette Audino

Cosmopolitan Magazine is the fastest growing women’s magazine on today’s shelves.  Every first of the month, millions of women across the country line up at book stores or news stands to read the mind-blowing information round within the exciting pages of Cosmopolitan.  A magazine, which is now printed in 32 languages and has 65 different editions globally, Cosmopolitan is single handedly the most well- known magazine today.

Former Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan, Kate White, was a graduate of Union College.  She brought genius ideas and riveting knowledge to the every day woman, all while defining the essence of a “fun, fearless female.” Helen Gurley Brown began Cosmopolitan in the 1960’s and White continued her legendary legacy by making Cosmopolitan both modern and popular.  Recently, White has stepped down as the Editor in Chief of Cosmo to work on her best-selling novels, but her efforts will be noted as some of the best and most influential work in magazine history.

Every October, Cosmopolitan Magazine retails its best selling issue.  According to the Cosmpolitan Facebook page, the reasoning behind this phenomenon is due to “the second most important election of the year.”  Cosmopolitan’s “Bachelor of the Year” search gets underway and 50 of the most eligible bachelors around the country are featured in a spread within the October pages.

Like every year, both young girls and women around the country look forward to the month of October to rapidly flip through the magazine and find their favorite bachelor.  This year at Union College, the issue signifies an extra special meaning to us because we have one of our own alums featured as the Massachusetts Bachelor of the Year.

Joshua Angoff, a 2011 graduate and former Union Football player, has won the title of the most eligible bachelor for his state of Massachusetts.  After graduating Union two years ago, Josh had moved back to Worcester, MA and is working as a financial analyst.

At Union, Josh was known as a smart student, good athlete and phenomenal human being.  I have been lucky enough to know Josh personally and to me, he is one of the most kind-hearted people I have ever known.

“There was something about Josh that was just wholesome.  You just knew he’d be there for you no matter what.  He’s good, just real good,” says a former Union student.

The Cosmo Bachelor of the Year search isn’t just about the guy who looks good on the beach and has the best abdominals.  It is also about who has “the full package,”— an intelligent brain, a good education, great personality and a beautiful soul.  For those of you who know Josh, and those of you who do not, these are some of the characteristics that exemplify him.

With that being said, I am asking the campus to help out a fellow alum.  Take two seconds out of your day to vote for Josh to win the Cosmo Bachelor of the Year.  Copy the link below into your web browser or just visit cosmopolitan.com and click on the Bachelor 2012 search and find Massachusetts.

Once you find him, scroll down “To vote for Cosmo’s Bachelor of the Year, click here.”  On the voting page, make sure you fill out the information needed and choose MASSACHUSETTS.

Thanks for your help!  Good luck to Josh!


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