TV to replace Reamer calendar


By Katie Ziemba

The Reamer Campus Center will soon have a new addition: a 90-inch television screen. This television will replace the monthly paper calendar that currently hangs in Reamer, which lists the upcoming events for that month.

Though the paper calendar has been a longtime staple of the Reamer Campus Center, it has limited space for advertising the different events going on at Union. This new technological version of the calendar will work with TVUC to broadcast campus events, club announcements, reminders, deadlines and emergencies.

President of Student Forum Justin Reilly ‘13, stated that this television screen has “more potential behind it,” since the “[paper] campus calendar has reached its full capabilities.” Now, any group on campus can have their own events announced on the large screen and can even record messages that all of campus can view. Reilly mentioned that eventually, Union should “also have the capability to run this through all Union College TVs,” allowing students access to all of the information from the calendar  in their dorms.

Reilly hopes that this new television will encourage students to get more involved in campus groups, since they can now see announcements much easier. There has been an increasing trend on college campuses for digital displays that relay campus life activities to the campus community. When Union’s Student Forum was approached by the company “Enlightened,” they believed that this would be an excellent opportunity to “make Reamer Campus [Center] more updated, more technologically advanced [and] more appealing,” said Reilly.

Though this addition to Reamer is a more digital approach to the traditional way of advertising campus events, some members of Union’s Campus are wary of the change. For Union tour guides, the campus calendar has been an interesting part of the Union Campus that most prospective students see while on tours. Being able to see the variety of events that Union offers to all students is an advantage for the college.

Reilly wants students to know that though this is a change from our traditional paper format, it will hopefully provide a “wow factor” that will be a “great way to make Union more advanced and competitive.”

If students are still concerned with the update from the paper calendar, then Reilly noted that the paper calendar can be hung in another part of Reamer. The new television screen will be up and running by winter term.


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