Sunday: Union’s Concert Club brings B.o.B.


By Meghan Creane

 Hip-hop singer B.o.B will be giving a concert for Union students this Sunday.

There has been a lot of buzz on campus  about B.o.B.’s upcoming concert—students have been talking about it for several weeks now, especially since tickets went on sale last Wednesday, in Reamer Campus Center. The tickets are 15 dollars for Union students and 25 dollars for non-Union students. Concert Club plans to sell 1,750 tickets.

For a musical celebrity of B.o.B.’s caliber, many are happy about these ticket prices, as they are unheard of for such a big-name concert. Notes Tori Garafalo ‘16, “It’s going to make my week! And it’s cheap too.”

The show will be held in Memorial Field House and will start at 7 p.m., with doors opening at 6 p.m. No backpacks, beverages or recording devices will be allowed in.

The Concert Club has been hard at work organizing this major event since the beginning of the year, when they made the decision to host B.o.B.

When interviewed, Concert Club President Steven Stangle ‘14 said that when the idea of B.o.B was suggested, “the members of the concert club went out […] and the responses came back very positive.”

This energy seems to be accurate—says Kyle Tevlin ‘15, “B.oB is going to be awesome! The Concert Club did a great job this year.”

Stangle assured the Concordiensis that “this is one of the biggest concerts if not the biggest concert that Concert Club has ever put on.”

In order to get such a big name on campus they “offered B.o.B a little less than he was asking and [they] were lucky enough that he accepted it!”

Despite the fact that students are excited about B.o.B, such a big star early on in the academic year has raised questions of winter concert possibilities, and even further down the road to questions about Springfest.

When asked about both, Stangle noted that the Concert Club typically puts on one main event each year; this year, the B.o.B. concert will be Concert Club’s main event.

The promotion for B.o.B.’s show has been ubiquitous, including Facebook events, various posters, word of mouth and high ticket sales.

“The lights and video [alone] are going to surpass anything that Union has ever had on its campus,” Stangle guaranteed, and mentioned that “this show is going to be unreal.”


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