Sophomore VP defends DKE’s reputation: an open letter to the Dean of Students


By Tamara Maravalli

I am currently a sophomore here at Union and am quite involved on campus. I am Vice President of the Class of 2015, a member of the Varsity Crew team, a part of the finance committee and I just recently joined a committee that promotes healthy choices to the students in our community. I would like to point out a few things for you to keep in mind and be aware of as decisions are made in the upcoming weeks regarding the DKE incident. However, I want to inform you that I am not personally involved in Greek Life on campus and decided not to join a sorority for personal reasons. Therefore, my point of view is unbiased.

I have been afforded the opportunity to get to know many members of DKE, including their current pledges. Overall, they are great people who I sincerely trust. DKE brothers  have helped me academically,  helped me decide on my major, influenced my decision to join crew and encouraged me to run for Vice President of my class. Many have also helped me,  and others, with personal issues and overall advice. I think they represent Greek Life at Union College professionally and have one of the best reputations on campus. I know lots of girls who never feel uncomfortable or have to worry when going to DKE—everyone feels safe and welcomed at their events.

Several times at DKE I have noticed the brothers helping and encouraging people to watch what they are drinking – they know the limit and rarely, if ever,  allow things to get out of control! I believe they care about their fellow classmates. DKE is important for the campus community. It is one of the only frats that accepts everyone for who they are—no matter what sports team someone is on or who they do or don’t know. I have also been to DKE several times where the house was alcohol free. I,  and many others, have gone there to work on academic projects, to watch television or a movie with friends, to order food and just hang out. In conclusion, many students in our community feel safe at DKE and it is a well respected fraternity on campus that I would love to see be able to continue here at Union College.

Sincerely yours,

Tamara Maravalli ‘15

This letter was sent to Deans Leavitt, MacElroy and Schurick.


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