Shakti’s fall show


By Sandee Sandhu

Shakti, the South Asian cultural club, hosted their annual fall show on Saturday, October 27. With many parody tributes to the famous Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan, coupled with singing performances, this year’s Shakti Show was more versatile than in past years.

Performances ranged from classical bharatanatyam to more modern break dancing fusions.

President of Union’s Shakti Club Imran Chaudhri ‘13 shared his thoughts: “I was hoping to have a fun night where people could come and watch a bunch of songs, dances, and skits that showcase south Asian culture in a fun and entertaining way. I think it went well, much better than I expected.”

Every year, Shakti puts on two shows, one in the Fall and one in the Spring. Emma Freter ‘13, a long-time member who has watched the club evolve, noted, “I’ve seen Shakti grow, as especially people from outside the South East Asian culture present interest in it and also participate in it. This year, I finally contributing helping out with the show.”

“It’s one of the other organizations that’s been unifying our campus through diversity,” Freter concluded.

Mike Presendieu ‘16, a new member of Union’s Bhangra team, was especially excited for his first performance in front of an audience. “All of my friends were there and I was very excited to show them what I had learned over the past few weeks. Being part of Bhangra is fun and it makes me feel like I’m exploring another culture,” he exclaimed.

Along with Chaudri, Mark Khazanov ‘15 hosted the event and introduced the acts.



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