Presidential politics 411: the big issues


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Do you support Obamacare?

President Obama: Yes

Governor Romney: Yes, I support a majority of the plan but not all aspects

Should Gay Marriage be allowed in the U.S.?

O: Yes

R: No, marriage should be defined as between a man and a woman

What is your stance on abortion?

O: Pro-choice

R: Pro-life, but pro-choice in cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother or child’s health

Do you believe in the theory of Evolution?

O: Yes

R: Yes, and I believe it is a part of Creationism

Should the federal government fund stem cell research?

O: Yes

R: No

Is Global Warming an environmental threat?

O: Yes

R: No, global warming and cooling are natural cycles beyond our control

Should the U.S., end the war in Afghanistan?

Both: No, not until all U.S. military leaders are confident the mission has been accomplished

Should National Parks continue to be preserved and protected by the federal government?

O: Yes, and expand the government’s domain to protect more land

R: No

Should we limit federal funds to public schools that do not meet performance standards?

O: No

R: Yes

Should children of illegal immigrants be granted citizenship?

O: Yes, but it should not grant their parents citizenship

R: No

Should the U.S. intervene in the affairs of other countries?

O: Only in matters of national security, human rights violations, or specifically asked by the international community

R: Only if there is a direct threat to our national security

Should Congress raise the debt ceiling?

O: Offset the debt by raising taxes on the rich and reduced spending

R: No

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