Phi Delta Theta update


By Katie Ziemba

The Phi Delta fraternity house has long been a staple of Union’s campus. When the Phi Delta fraternity was forced to leave the house last year, many questioned what would happen to the house. The rumor circulating campus now is that the house will be torn down in order to make way for a new parking lot.

Loren Rucinski, Director of Facilities and Planning, said “Right now the only thing that is going to happen fairly soon with the Phi Delta Theta house is that it will be cleaned out of the contents that were left when the brothers moved out.”

He then put those rumors to rest and said “there are no plans to demolish the building; on the contrary the building will be fully renovated and put to another use.” It has yet to be decided what this new use will be, but it will no longer be used as a place of residence.

Phi Delta brother, Joseph Maher, said that through discussions with the administration, he “was under the impression [that the building] was going to [be] made into a sort of Alumni Welcome Center,” however he is unsure.

Brothers of Phi Delta are upset about whatever will happen to the house in the future, but they understand that they “lost the house through due process and so [they] cannot contest,” said Maher.


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