‘No Fat Talk’ week


By Tom Raymond

Beginning on Monday, October 22nd, the sisters of Delta Delta Delta will be participating in a national campaign to ban negative language that surrounds body image.

During the week, sisters will be tabling daily to have members of the campus community pledge to stop “fat talk.”

President of Tri-Delta Amanda Librot ‘13 said that she and her Delta sisters “pledge to acknowledge the inner qualities and characteristics that make us who we are and appreciate the things that our bodies allow us to do rather than focusing on what others believe our bodies inhibit.”

College students are often confronted with issues concerning negative perceptions of body image, but until each individual makes an effort to stop this damaging cycle, it will only continue.There will be events next week for the Union community to take part in to pledge to respect their bodies.

The need for the entire campus to “become multi-dimensional in [their] perceptions of body image and love [themselves] and [their] bodies” is also something Librot emphasized about the week’s meaning.

The sorority hopes that members of Union’s campus will relate to this cause, and will continue to encourage positive body images.


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