NEWS UPDATE: The latest on the ΔKE case


By Gabriella Levine

Yesterday, articles were released regarding the sanctions leveled against Delta Kappa Epsilon for an event held on September 15, when two kegs were found within the fraterntiy. The sanctions included the loss of DKE’s common space in Fox.

There has been an outpouring of feedback and comments, many of which have expressed negative sentiments for the sanctions given to DKE, issued on the news releases.

On behalf of the fraternity, Social Chair and Rush Chair of DKE and Vice President of the junior class Chris Sainato ’14 said, “We are so grateful for the outpouring of support we’ve received from the campus in the last 24 hours.”

“Our goal from here on out is to have the student body continue to voice their opinion and stand up for what’s right. We did not receive a fair hearing amongst our peers and that’s all we want…The administration has overlooked the importance of involving student opinions,” Sainato continued.

Jordan Thomson ’14 has taken the initiative and created ribbons for DKE that she will distribute today throughout the campus. The ribbons contain the colors of the DKE flag.

“Many people in the campus community have been very active in voicing their opinions about the current situation…but these ribbons will enable the campus to show the administration their discontent over these sanctions Delta Kappa Epsilon is facing and the future of the Greek community without having to say a word,” Thomson said. The ribbons she is making are to encourage students to express their opinion on the matter.

Furthermore, a petition has been circulating throughout the Greek houses, Minervas, residence halls and even first-year dorms gathering signatures to support DKE’s demand of due process. The petition will be presented upon DKE’s official request for an appeal.

Yesterday afternoon, the national representative for DKE, Tom Hudson, arrived on campus and is dealing with the issue, as well as meeting with the administration.

Today, the Board of Trustees will be meeting for one of three yearly meetings that are held on campus. The sanctions leveled against DKE will be on the agenda for discussion at the meeting. DKE representatives were told by the administration that they will not be able to attend the meeting.

The Concordiensis also reached out to former Director of Greek Life Timothy Dunn for a statement.

In a letter, Dunn stated, “The procedural steps (for example an investigation, notice of charges, an opportunity to be heard) should never be overlooked absent some exigent circumstance. That said, if DKE was denied the minimum due process that has been afforded similarly situated organizations, then I would expect them to demand relief from the administration.”

The full text of Dunn’s letter can be found here.


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