New Student Forum officers


By Meghan Creane

This past Friday’s elections were held to determine officers of the class of 2016 and the Student Forum position of Vice President of Administration.

The results made Jeff Breuer ‘16 President of the first-year class, Ilan Levine ‘16 Vice President and Seth Cohen ‘16 as Secretary/Treasurer. Andy Stinchfield ‘13 won the post of Vice President of Administration.

Breuer is from Vermont and attended Essex High School. Breuer hopes to accomplish four main goals while in office: fix Union’s Wi-Fi, increase the accessibility of Greek life to first-years, bring “transparency” to the disciplinary/point system and establish an “open door” policy between the freshman class and their officials. Overall, Breuer hopes to “affirm Union not as a “rowdy” or “exclusive” institution, but rather as one that fosters a sense of brotherhood between all of its students.”

Vice President Ilan Levine is a 19-year-old from Columbus, Ohio who hopes to go sky-diving at some point this year. Levine is extremely passionate about getting to know all of the students at Union and especially the class of 2016. He hopes to use his time in office to give his peers a voice and an opinion that will be heard by the people who can make a change.

Seth Cohen will be representing the class of 2016 as secretary/treasurer and hails from Potomac, Maryland. Cohen has been described as a driven person. Similar to Breuer, he hopes to “start a dialogue with the administration and the Greek council about [the] new [Greek] policies.”

Cohen’s drive to accomplish his goals became clear when he mentioned that he “rescued 48 Hatian refugees while on vacation in the Caribbean.” Upon further questioning, Cohen detailed that the “captain and crew of the ship probably deserve some of the credit,” but his passion is clear.

Lastly, the V.P. of Administration position was won by Andy Stinchfield ‘13, from New Cannon, Connecticut. Stinchfield loves the New Jersey Devils, going to Dutchmen hockey games and his two golden retrievers Charlie and Annie.

President of Student Forum Justin Reilly ‘13 says that Andy is “the second in charge on the Student Forum…and his position as V.P. of Administration is overseeing the student position of all committees on campus.”

Stinchfield plans to use his position as a way to simplify the process for starting clubs and organizations. He explained, “Clubs and organizations are a huge part of Union and a great way of meeting people,” and as a result he “hope[s] to be an effective liaison between Student Forum and the club that seeks official recognition.”


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