Melting in Schaffer: Why is the Library so hot?


By Meghan Creane

cause it’s quiet and cool.”

Holman isn’t the only student opting out of studying in the library. Many have taken to studying in Reamer and the Nott simply because the heat is a distraction.

The library has taken measures to make it more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone, such as supplying the students with free ice cream one day two weeks ago on one of the hotter days. They have also installed fans throughout the library in order to increase airflow and circulation.

When asked why the library is so hot, the staff reported that it is to “decrease humidity” that is causing some of the “books to develop mold.” As a result, “the affected library volumes are in cold storage awaiting treatment.”

The mold itself is “not dangerous or deadly” and should not be a concern of students. If there is mold in one of the books you need the library will treat it and get it back to you in 24 hours.

Once the target humidity of 40% is reached the books will be out of danger and, with it, a lesser possibility of fainting while studying in the library.


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