Five costumes already in your closet


By Nicolette Audino

Can you believe it is that time of year again?  Time to go out and put on an awesome costume for Halloween!

Fall is such a busy time and you often wait until the last minute to find a great Halloween costume.  With Halloween parties coming up this weekend and Halloween being next Wednesday, you are running out of time to come up with a costume!

Below are five costumes that are right in your closet that don’t require much effort at all, but still are fun and festive!

 1. CAT: Look through your closet and find all black.  Whether you are looking for a tight black dress or black leggings and a tank top, both work for being a cat.  Take eyeliner or even a washable marker and draw whiskers on your face and a small little cat nose on your own nose.  Finally, ask around and see who has cat ears.  If not, take a quick trip down the road to Wal-Mart where a cat ears headband is only around two dollars!

2. OLYMPIC ATHLETE:  With the Olympics this past year, this will be a popular costume.  But it is something that you can do from your own closet.  Take aluminum foil and a piece of string and make the foil into a rounded medal.  This will be what you wear around your neck.  Then, find a white shirt and draw an American flag on it.  Finally, grab a pair of spandex shorts, throw on some sneakers and you are an Olympic athlete!

3. FASHIONISTA: Go through your closet and find the most stylish outfit you have.  Maybe a tight pair of black jeans and some sky scraper heels along with a fur vest.  There are many options for this—just think Kim Kardashian.  The most important thing?  Take a pair of your sunglasses, wear your hair down and put on some killer red lipstick – you are sure to look like a full-blown fashionista!

4. STEWARDESS: Look through your closet and find a tight white top. Then, go through either your closet or a friend’s and look for a navy blue or black pencil skirt.  Pair it with a skinny belt and put on a pair of great heels.  Tie a piece of cloth or a small scarf around your neck.

5.   WESTERN GIRL:  Look through your closet and find either a plaid button down or a flannel.  Tie it up so it is a little bit short and pair it with  or even denim shorts.  You don’t even need real cowboy boots.  You can wear a pair of brown or tan boots and you will still look like a cowgirl.  Finally, ask around to borrow a cowboy hat, but if not, Wal-Mart offers them for under three dollars!

Have no fear.  Halloween is a fun time to be whatever you want.  These five costume ideas may help you when you don’t feel like spending money or thinking about your costume. Get ready to be awesome in anything that you wear!



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