Drug Raid across from Union


By Tess Koman


This past Tuesday, members of the Schenectady Police Department’s Special Investigation Unit and Special Operations Squad raided a house at 1513 Van Vranken Avenue.

The forces, along with the Capital District’s Drug Enforcement Agency, have been working for 18 months to conduct the search.

It is the third time within that same period that the house has been raided.

Only one arrest was made. Israel Torres, 47, was arrested immediately and charged with two counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance in the third degree, which is classified as a Class B Felony.

The search of the house resulted in the discovery of a rifle, narcotics, and some U.S. currency.

Although shots were fired, the only fatality was a dog belonging to the house’s occupants that was killed by gunfire.

Schenectady Sgt. Matt Dearing commented, “As for the proximity of Union College, it is fairly close, it’s right across the street there for you guys. Obviously it’s an address that has garnered our attention for quite some time now.”

In regards to the ongoing investigation, Dearing remarked, “In conjunction with the DEA task force, we’ve been working to curve whatever activities are going on over there.”

Campus Safety was contacted but was unavailable for comment.

A student who wished to remain anonymous noted, “This morning I was driving to Reamer and saw four huge black SUVs and 15 men in black coats that said DEA.”

Concordiensis staff photographer Rachel Steiner ’14 went to take pictures of the crime scene and was noticed by the residents, who approached her car outside of 1513 Van Vranken.

“They appeared angry. I felt very threatened,” Steiner said.

The Schenectady Police are keeping the investigation open and additional charges may be added in the future.



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