Delta Delta Delta President responds to Dean McEvoy


By Amanda Librot

This article was submitted in response to an article written by Dean McEvoy earlier today.

It is extremely disappointing that TriDelta is being ridiculed as Dean McEvoy defends his sanctions against DKE. 

After taking the initiative to ‘reform from within,’ the Task Force was established. We have worked tirelessly to make the system safer, healthier, and more accountable for all students by abiding by national guidelines.  

Quite frankly, I don’t understand what message Dean McEvoy was trying to send by writing his article. DKE and TriDelta’s cases are completely different and not connected in any way. I find it unbelievable that Dean McEvoy is unwilling to stand by his decision without bringing TriDelta into this completely unrelated case. It is clear that the students view Dean McEvoy’s article as a transparent attempt to shift the blame away from himself.

Many of the Greek leaders, including myself, came to Union for its academic excellence. While here, we rely on the administration to help us continue on our path of academic and personal growth.  

It is disappointing knowing that Dean McEvoy’s intentions appear to be adversarial rather than cooperative. I hope that the administration realizes that we all have the same goal; we want to make Union College the best it can be.  Attempting to pit students against one another is not the answer.


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