BREAKING NEWS: Dean McEvoy defends ΔKE sanctions


By Tom McEvoy

Before the previous Director of Fraternity and Sorority life was hired, I enjoyed five years working with fraternity presidents as Dean of Residential and Campus Life.  I feel like I understand some of the tensions on campus, and I also feel the Greeks can contribute greatly to Union.  As one of the decision makers in this case, I would like to share my thoughts.

Last year a very serious incident occurred at the Tri Delta House and the sorority nearly lost its house and recognition.  The same three deans who recently heard the DKE case, now in question, heard the DDD case.

The leaders of Tri Delta told us that what happened at their House was not isolated to their organization.  Rather, they said,  we should consider that ‘the entire Greek system was seriously broken’ and needed strong guidance and leadership from the administration.  After spending some time speaking with them, we made the decision that, rather than strip DDD of their housing privilege and derecognize them,  that we would partner with them in helping ‘reform from within.’

In the Spring Term, Dean of Students Steve Leavitt spent many hours with the leaders of Greek Life to work on ways that would make the system safer, healthier, and also more accountable.  A plan was put in place for the Fall Term and a meeting of deans and Greek leaders was held at the beginning of this term so that there was a mutual understanding of the new policies.

When we three deans heard the DKE case, it was clear that DKE blatantly ignored the policies that were put in place for 2012-13.  The current controversy could have been avoided had they abided by the rules that the administration worked out with their fellow Greeks.

Speaking for myself, I felt that the wise choice was to deliver a sanction.  One that would help prevent the Greeks from regressing to the kind of system that DDD leaders and others suggested strongly needed major reform through tougher administration.

I am happy to speak with anyone about the challenges facing student life at Union.

                                            Tom McEvoy

Associate Dean of Students and Director of Minerva Programs


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