B.o.B. brings the magic to Union


By Ryan Asselin

Since his explosion onto the hip-hop scene with his debut single, “Nothin’ on You,” B.o.B.’s Southern-accented voice has been consistent on radio stations ranging the spectrum of genres, from rap to pop.

For the last two years, since the releaseof “Nothing On You,” B.o.B. has really made a name for himself in the music business.

Gaining success from mixtape releases, B.o.B. was on the cover of XXL Magazine before he even released an album.

With mainstream success starting in 2010,  B.o.B. is now a radio playlist staple.

A busy schedule keeps B.o.B. from having much free time now that he has taken the music world by storm, so it is awesome how the Union College Concert Committee was able to book such a large act on October 28th.

In the Union College Field House, the excited crowd chanted for B.o.B. with anticipation the second the opening act left the stage.

The energy that erupted once B.o.B. came onto the stage was palpable.

Playing a solid set of songs from his different albums and mixtapes, mixing old and new songs, B.o.B. did not disappoint.

Hard-hitting beats and solid flow kept hands in the air all night and kept the crowd screaming, rapping and singing along.

He kept the energy high and always kept the audience involved.

Not only was the performance stellar, but the setlist was good as well.

The mixture between hit songs, like “Airplanes,” and unreleased tracks, off of his new mixtape set to release November 15, blended nicely.

It was a great touch to fake an ending to the show with the bass-breaking “Strange Clouds,” the song that probably pumped the crowd up the most.

Even as B.o.B. was walking offstage, the chants again started from the crowd. B.o.B. returned for more music, and a multisong encore that made for a spectactular finish.

Who knew that with a little hard work, the Union College Field House could turn into a functioning, impressive music venue with a top-of-the-line stage setup.

Congratulations to the Concert Committee for putting together a great night with great music.

Everything done behind-the-scenes is accredited to the Concert Committee, who worked hours starting during the middle of the day Saturday until the early morning of Monday.  The hard work definitely paid off.

With all things considered, B.o.B. was definitely a very successful concert.

It is always good to have a change of pace from the consistent school work—the sign of the term’s end drawing near.

The concert was definitely an experience one will not soon forget.  B.o.B. was impressive live and is a genuine musician, something lacking from a lot of music recently.

When you see someone put passion into what they do, the passion is contagious; B.o.B. is a born performer, truly living the dream while he is on stage.



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