Anti-apartheid fighter Eddie Daniels inspires


By Shayna Han

he said, ‘All those people who suffered so much, I’m not going to get rich on them.’ And I think, when you put that kind of story together with what he’s said you realize he’s a fairly selfless individual who obviously was inspired greatly by others around him in South Africa. I think he himself projects a kind of humanity that’s really quite something.”

“I hope all the diversity forums will inspire people to think about difference,” continued Ainlay. “The message that he started with is fundamentally the Union story when we’re at our best, which is this notion that we all come together with our richly different backgrounds and together, we’re in some sense stronger.”

Daniels’s talk ended with the reading of “Invictus,” a poem Mandela showed him while they were incarcerated. Daniels’ parting words were, “All of you here are the masters of your fate, you are the captains of your souls. You make the final decision. Your lecturers, your parents, your principal, your elders, can advise you, can guide you. You make the final decision.”

“The world is sick. The world is suffering. We need people like you. You are our youth of today and tomorrow. You can bring about change, change for the better.”


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