A self-proclaimed non-voter changes her ways for Election 2012


By Jessica Doran

While most people have spent this election season in healthy opposition, awaiting each debate and watching the polls intently, I, a 21-year-old pure-bred American girl, have been having my own opposition.

I hate politics.

I hate when any type of political discussion comes up. I understand that my feelings are irrational and even unfounded.  It is not as if I have been wronged by any political representative or disagree so harshly with any of the candidates. In fact, my problem is not that I disagree, but rather that I am indifferent to the entire process.

I cannot find a way to be invested in the voting process when I feel as if no matter if I vote or not, no matter who is elected, there still will be no change. Presidents of the past have shown this, and I can only think that this will be the case in the future.

People who love politics and take pride in supporting their favorite candidate surround me, but how can we support one person who may not be representative of all of our needs or desires for the future of our country? I get particularly upset with party politics, and the way that people can stand by their party even if they think that they are not doing the best job.

There is too much talk and not enough action, but people continue to bash the candidates they dislike even if they agree with some of their policies. The hypocrisy is too much for me to handle. I have to leave the room if my friends get too invested in debate. To me, it seems like the biggest waste of time.

First of all, why would you want to waste your time debating when we should be getting along? I hate conflict. We are one nation. I understand that debate shows who the more equipped candidate is, but the recent portions of debate that I have seen simply seem like a bashing of the other candidate.

My political stance is not completely based in the hype that drives me crazy. Part of my intolerance is based on how uninformed I am of politics in general. I have taken the bare minimum of government classes, and know a fair share of the basics, but when it comes to economics and foreign policy strategy, I am in the dark. Because I don’t have the credentials to be debating these things, I would rather choose to rip my own hair out than listen to my friends go at it about something that I find to influence us very little.

Growing up, there was no real emphasis put on voting in my house. My parents voted, but always kept their opinions about politics to themselves. As a result, I was never that interested in the political process.

I applaud parents who educate their children about the process, but I never considered it very important.

With  the gentle push of my political-minded friends, I decided to register to vote last week. I am still unsure of who I will vote for or why, but am trying to stay intune to the debates and polls and stay open-minded about change.

People may call me ignorant or un-American, but I’m really not. These are my true opinions, even though I love this country and care about its future. During the past few weeks, however, I have learned that it is an influential factor on our lives. My basis in choosing to oppose politics is that I have no faith that anything will change during my lifetime. But just because change is slow, doesn’t mean it won’t happen. This is also a very cynical point of view for a young, thriving student like myself.

This is my reason for voting in and of itself: that even if change does not happen the way I want it to, I exercised my right to vote and did as much as I could to evoke change myself. The election season may not be my favorite (at all) but that is not a reason to not embrace our nation’s practices and enjoy my rights.

In the future I hope to remain informed and educated about the political process, and which candidate I find better suited. The environment is very important to me, and I am hoping to see candidates in the future who uphold the principles of environmental morality and justice while still pursuing their economic and political plans. I am excited to stay informed.

But the election season can still feel free to come to a close any time now, please.


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