A first year’s take on the political climate on campus


By Victoria Cullinan

The 2012 U.S. Presidential Election is another exciting “first” for Union College’s freshmen class. Not only do we get to participate in a major election as first time voters but our votes will have a significant influence on what road our country takes into the future.

For some freshmen, the road we’re traveling on under current President Barack Obama is the one that they wish to stay on, while others want to get off at the next exit in order to see where and how far Mitt Romney can lead us. Right now, these two candidates are toe-to-toe and the election is going to be an extremely close showdown.

After talking with some pro-Obama freshmen, I discovered that they were highly supportive of his liberal social polices, specifically his views on birth control and student loans. According to freshmen Laura Schad, “It’s important that birth control is covered by insurance so that women can afford to protect their health and their bodies.”

In todays’ society there are higher incidences of teenage pregnancies and abortions that could be prevented and lowered through the use of birth control and easier access to more effective prescription birth control pills.

Of course birth control alone is not the only solution to pregnancy prevention, poverty and education are also major factors. However, Obama’s plan to have birth control be covered by insurance will make it more affordable and available to those in need. Many freshmen students are also highly in favor of Obama’s position on student loans.

His goal is to make sure that the interest of student loans remains fixed, which will be extremely beneficial because it will help to alleviate the burden of postgraduate debt.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are some freshmen that believe America is desperately in need of change, something that can be achieved with the election of Mitt Romney to the presidency.

Romney’s goals of mitigating unemployment and stimulating the economy are highly supported by many, especially those who are concerned about their futures.

At the moment, our country’s economy is at a low point and economic growth is at a standstill, causing unemployment to rise. For us freshmen, it is scary to imagine a future where obtaining a job and a secure standard of living is uncertain.

For many freshmen, like Mike Chiseri, “It comes down to the economy, and the need for a return to economic safety and growth. Obama has tried to stimulate the economy but numbers show that in reality it is not fixed.”

America is stuck in some heavy traffic right now and our economy is caught in the slow lane. This election will be a major factor of whether or not our country can find the strength and the courage needed to pass through our current situation and cruise into a better time.

For me, I believe Obama’s social policies are a wonderful aspect, but the security of our economy and making sure that there are enough jobs for all Americans who need them is of higher importance.

As a young college student I don’t want to have to add the stress of uncertainty in my future to my life. America needs a change, whether it’s under the leadership of a new president or seeing more action being taken to alleviate the economy under Obama.



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