Wondering about the Wandering Dago? The food truck that won’t stop moving


By Matt Olson


Have you heard of the Wandering Dago? If not, it’s about time you did.

Schenectady’s first food truck parks itself on the corner of Union Street and Seward Place every weekday during common lunch to feed not only the bustling workers in Schenectady, but also the hungry students of Union College.

Andrea Loguidice and Brandon Snooks started the Wandering Dago food truck a few months ago, initially on Long Island. However, the two of them preferred the scenery of upstate New York, and found a spot to call home in Schenectady.

The food on the truck speaks for itself.  Some of the items have an Italian twist, such as the Italian pulled pork and the grilled chicken sandwich with bruschetta or pesto sauce.  However, many of their selections are vegetarian; they offer salad and a veggie burger, which can be customized to please almost any hungry customer.  This wide array of options makes the food truck accessible to many different palates and food preferences.

The Wandering Dago is literally wandering.  In addition to the weekday spot on Union and Seward, the truck makes routine runs around campus on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 11 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. to satisfy that “midnight hunger panic” when Rathskeller is just too far away.

The food is reasonably priced, but the taste makes it a big bang for the buck.  Nothing on the menu costs more than 10 dollars, and the portions will conquer any appetite.

Andrea and Brandon come from very different and unique backgrounds. Brandon was raised on a cattle ranch, and Andrea is a vegetarian born on the East Coast.  Their backgrounds are showcased in the food they sell.

Both were extremely inviting when I got the chance to meet them, allowing me to tour the inside of their spacious—yet cozy— truck in which they serve customers every weekday and some nights.

Andrea covers the window, explaining each menu option to first-time customers, giving her take on each choice.  Brandon works the grill and stove, cooking up and assembling each order one at a time.

The pair works in almost perfect unison, making sure each order comes out hot and fast, exactly what the busy worker and college student needs to satisfy their hunger.

The truck offers a unique take on the dining experience because it is, as Brandon pointed out, the only food truck in Schenectady.  It is unlike anything many people in this area have ever seen.  This curiousity usually leads to business, and both said that they do decent business during the night time shift, when most of their customers are college students.

The Dago even has mobile alerts of coupons.  During your first order, you can sign up for these alerts (the information is printed on the side of the truck) and 1 dollar will be taken off your first order at the Wandering Dago. This makes the food options even


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