U: something for everyone, from Greeks to internationals


By Rosalie Wain

Having been at Union for almost a month now, I feel as though I have sampled at least a small portion of American college culture. The nightlife and the events here more than differ from that of the English university life.

The concept of sororities and fraternities is baffling, as we don’t have anything of the sort in Britain. Greek life seems to be as quintessentially American as high tea is English.

That being said, not all British people like tea. In that respect, it’s great that every interest is catered to here at Union, whether that is in regard to participating in Greek life, or whether you’re like me and spend your time locating the best spots to sit under a tree and read Edgar Allan Poe.

I really love how open Union College is to all types of people, regardless of what they like to do in their spare time. That, in my opinion, is what makes this college such a great place for international students to study.

So far, I have been privileged enough to attend a meal with the top journalist Virginia Heffernan, go to a poetry and art talk from Jim McCord and Bruce McColl, and I’ve just enrolled on a trip to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

All of these opportunities have been offered within a mere four weeks.

It’s safe to say I’m a little bit excited for what comes next. We’re quite the privileged bunch of students.


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