Take a look at the new Lamont House!


By 807 Union St. Staff

1. Lamont House is home to social science departments such as philosophy, anthropology and economics.

2. Construction and renovation on Lamont House began last spring, with many of the major renovations happening on the interior of the building. The main goal of the project was to provide a larger working space for students.

3. Offices for professors and work places for students have become much larger compared to the house last year.  Professor’s offices also have larger storage space and are updated and much cleaner.

4. One of the main features that remains from the old house is the large stained-glass window, which is perched atop a staircase as you enter the building. This gives plenty of natural light and also makes the house feel more open.

5. There is a faculty and student conference room in the new building, which allows for small lectures and discussions to be held in the building.  This gives professors more time to help their students.


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