Skeller’s big reopening reveals many upgrades


By Tess Koman


On Tuesday, Rathskeller held a grand reopening event to introduce the campus community to its new changes. Skeller went under renovation over the summer, but was reopened at the end of the first week of school.

“Overall, the feedback has been great,” Rathskeller manager Todd Barker said of reactions to the newly painted and redecorated space. “People like the looks and the Coke machines are obviously a big deal,” he added.

Skellar’s new Coke machine is a big deal: “We are the first college in the country to have a Coke free-styling machine. You can make over 100 kinds of drinks from it just from that one machine,” Dining Services Retail Manager Jonelle Bayer remarks. “Everyone has been really excited about that. “

As far other additions go, Skeller has become much more digital. “The menu is digital now, so we can change it up whenever we need to,” Bayer said. Additionally, Barker noted the changes in the menu itself. He mentioned the new healthier options (including gluten-free choices) that were added so “students who wouldn’t normally come to Skeller have the option of eating here now.”

“The new décor is really nice! I like how there are more options. Also, it is so much brighter down here!” said Iesha Caisey ’14.

Finally, Skeller is holding a Create Your Own Burger contest. After ordering food, one can now create a personalized burger, including ingredients and special preparations, and submit it to the contest. On Friday night, the contest will end and a winner will be chosen. From there, the burger “will become a permanent option on our menu and it will be named after the winner,” said Bayer.

Andrea Jorge ‘13 is excited about these changes. “I really liked my turkey panini! I also really like the contest that I’m going to win. But I’m also wondering what Chet’s is going to look like…” she wondered.

According to Bayer and Barker, Chet’s (the seniors-only bar open in Skeller on Wednesday nights) will be the same looks-wise from the beginning.


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