@PresidentAinlay: Ainlay joins FB, Twitter for Union


By Austin Andersen

history and the college. People in Brussels, Ontario were just unbelievably nice. I mean, we walked the streets in the town during the evening and people all sit out on their porches and would invite you up on their porch, it makes you think what life used to be like.”

Ainlay remarked further on technology’s impact on society today, saying, “It’s complicated because part of what I liked about the Brussels experience, were actually things where you connected with other individuals. In a way technologies, at least at first glance, seems to distance you from individuals. And yet here, you and I are talking face to face about social media… we probably would not be having this conversation if it were not for social media.”

“And here I have a lot of people that have asked me about the Brussels trip and I have had a lot of people ask me what I was doing in Wyoming (a trip he made in August to celebrate the 96th birthday of John Wold, the primary donor of the Wold Center) and this was all a result of what I had posted [on social media sites]. So as a catalyst for social interaction, it actually works that way. I don’t think that it distances people, but yet that it actually allows you to share information and then it becomes, like I say, catalytic in terms of face-to-face conversations. I do not think that it takes the place of that.”

When asked what his personal and future involvement in the realm of social media would be, Ainlay responded, “ I think that one of the things for me is that I am using [social media] primarily as a tool to communicate better with people around me and regarding Union experiences. So what you will see on [my page] is not going to be lots of personal baby pictures, it’s going to be about Union, strategic priorities, events on campus, etc. [It will be] a way people can be connected with where I am and what I see as important. And it won’t be the only tool to be used… we will continue to do the presidential report, press publications… all with the goal of keeping the Union community on pace with some of the people I am meeting and talking to… it’ll be a little window into that world.”


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