Not feeling so glam? Top ten tips for when you don’t feel so hot but have somewhere to be


By Nicolette Audino

1. Shower! It is so nice to be clean.  When you are feeling sticky or just not yourself, just wash it away!  Coming out of a hot, steamy shower will lead you feeling clean, refreshed and rejuvenated.

2. Take your time getting ready. Relax.  Put on lotion, tweeze your eyebrows, floss your teeth, exfoliate your face.  Just leave enough time to do the things you don’t normally have time to do like moisturizing.  It makes you feel soft, fresh and sexy.

3. Put on an awesome playlist.  Whether it’s some old school Spice Girl throwbacks, songs that just get you motivated, or some crazy loud Beyonce or Rihanna,, put on a set of songs that get you in a dancing mood.  Then dance around while you are getting ready.

4. Pick out a crazy, hot outfit. Lay it out on your bed, along with shoes, jewelry and a handbag.  Being excited to wear something you feel hot in is just like getting ready for prom and being so excited to wear that glamorous gown.

5. Put on a huge t-shirt to get ready in. Wearing something that is too big for you will make you feel cute and sexy.  Plus you will look great in it once you are all dolled up!

6. Do your hair and makeup. If you like your hair up in a ponytail, do it that way.  If you want it down with big curls, go for it.  If you feel good wearing no make up, then don’t wear it.  If you want to put on the whole face, do it up!  Do your hair and makeup the way you feel best in.

7. Spray on perfume.  I don’t care if it is your mom’s perfume or some body mist you found in your drawer. Spray something that smells either sexy or girly.  It will make you feel flirty and fun!

8. Take a fun picture of yourself.  Sounds dumb, but go on iPhoto and take a quick pic of you in a killer pose.  Seeing yourself on a camera will remind you of how fabulous you look.

9. Put on a big smile!  No matter what, confidence and attitude is the most important way to feel and look fierce.  Work what you got and own what you have and you will be all set.  Smile, smile, smile.

10. Stay off Facebook, Twitter, Instagram! Don’t look at what everyone else is doing.  Focus on what YOU are doing and have the BEST time doing it.  Tomorrow, you can upload your own tweets and photos. Live for you!


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