New Library Director joins Schaffer Library


By Katie Ziemba

On August 6th, Schaffer Library welcomed Frances Maloy as the new Library Director.

Maloy previously worked at Emory University, in Atlanta, Georgia, and as the Director of Public Services at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York.

She has “been in libraries a long time,” and she hopes to use her knowledge and experience to further improve Schaffer Library.

Maloy said that she is “thrilled to be here” at Union, where there is “a real strong sense of community.”

Maloy believes Union has a unique atmosphere, and acknowledged that idea when she mentioned that “[Union] is tradition, it’s history—it’s what the library is.”

At the previous school that Maloy  worked at, the number of undergraduate and graduate students was almost equal.

Maloy remarked that it is “really nice being on a campus where the ungrad is the center.”

Part of Maloy’s aims for Schaffer is to make the library a “part of what [students] do everyday.”

For most students, the library is where all work begins and ends.

According to Maloy, the library is “the heart of campus.” It works hard to keep students going but it also needs students to thrive.

Maloy wants students to know that the library is making strides to improve their “flow” with students. Schaffer Library wants to offer mentors and advisory groups.

These groups will allow students to let the library staff know what they can do to make the lives of students easier. Students can save time when they come to the library to print and get advice for academic work.

Maloy also wants Union students to know that the Adirondack Research Library, Mandeville Art Gallery, and Schaffer Library are all connected and excellent resources.

Currently, Mandeville Art Gallery is hosting an exhibit that features the poetry of English professor Jim McCord.

At the library, the staff is “all about student success,” and by working with the students, they hope to better serve them in their academic pursuits.

As an undergrad, Frances Maloy attended St. Lawrence University, but she is familiar with Union’s campus; her brother is a Union alumni.

Maloy will be taking over for the previous Library Director of fifteen years, Thomas McFadden.


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