Mandeville Gallery Exhibition Presents: A friendship between art and literature


By Isaac Furman


Through the end of October, the Nott Memorial Gallery will be exhibiting “Connections: Exploring the Ties between Poet Jim McCord and Painter Bruce McColl.”

The exhibit, which is located on the second floor of the Nott, features the paintings and poems of the two long time friends.

Each of McColl’s paintings is paired with a corresponding poem from McCord.

The two artists became friends over ten years ago and have been using each other’s work as inspiration ever since.

The pairing of the their work allows the viewer to see how their relationship has evolved and how it has affected their work. The exhibit provides a fascinating look into the creative process of different artists.

The paintings and poems often share similar themes, corresponding to each other nicely.

One of the most interesting and well-matched painting and poem combinations is between McColl’s painting Brick and Mortar I and McCord’s poem “Living in a Mason’s House.”  The painting, which features a table with normal everyday objects and mason’s tools, perfectly illustrates the poem.

McColl’s paintings, which are either done in oil paint or pastels, vary in style. Some have clearly defined figures and items, while others are more abstract.

McCord, who taught English at Union for over thirty years, says he is an avid scholar of William Blake.

This admiration for Blake is reflected in his poetry.

On September 27 at 7 p.m., a selection of McCord’s poetry will be read by Union faculty and students.


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