Get your beer on at Bier Abbey!


By Shelby Cuomo

This summer, after hearing great reviews from fellow students, we decided to experience the Bier Abbey for ourselves. I can gladly say that we were not disappointed.

Although we stayed for a short amount of time and treated ourselves to only one (okay, two) beers, there were many great qualities Bier Abbey had that we were able to experience.

The atmosphere itself provides for a great place to relax and catch up with friends, which is exactly what we did. Our waiter was very friendly and, being two girls who know nothing about beer, he was able to explain the variety of selections they offer.

The drink menu serves only beer, and it is very descriptive, even telling you the temperature the beers are served at.

Bier Abbey is definitely a place where serious fans of beer can appreciate what they have to offer, as well as a place where typical college students like us can go and enjoy a night out with friends. I’m sure we will be going back very soon!


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