Fashion for every fall festivity


By Nicolette Audino

A Football Game….

Cheering on your team and sitting in the chilliness of the beginning of fall is what football is all about.

Wearing a cute, yet comfortable outfit is key.  Throw on a pair of denim, medium or dark-washed jeans and pair them with a loose-fitting blouse or tee and a scarf.

If you are wearing boot-cut denim, you can wear it with a casual pair of heels. If you want to be more sensible, a pair of either flat or wedge boots are perfect with skinny jeans.


Shopping At The Mall…

It’s the kind of day where you just want to do some retail therapy.  The most important part of doing some damage to your bank account is wearing comfortable shoes – you will be doing a lot of walking from store to store. Put on a pair of leggings and pair them with your most comfortable boots. Wear a long, baggy shirt that flares out at the bottom and covers your butt.  Throw on some bangles and pair it with a cross-body bag so you don’t have to worry about carrying a purse on top of all your bags.


An Outdoor Party…

Fall is a funny time because it’s sometimes hard to decide if you should wear boots or sandals.

When there is an off-campus party on a Saturday night, the temperature must help you determine what to wear. When it is too warm to wear boots and too cold to wear sandals, put on a pair of ballet flats and patterned skinny jeans. Put on a tight white or black tank top and accessorize it with a lot of jewelry – a long necklace, lots of bangles and a ring.


On A Dinner Date….

Now-a-days most restaurants are casual.  Even in a fancy restaurant, you can wear dressy jeans and a cute blazer with a pair of heels and look perfectly put together.

If a guy asks you out to dinner, I would suggest one of two different  looks.

The first is a long solid colored maxi dress – nothing bright. Wear one that is black or neutral or a fall color. Pair the maxi dress with a big ring, pretty earrings and a barrel bag.

The other option is wearing denim, again not a bright color, and pairing it with a boyfriend blazer and some really sexy heels.

A barrel bag will also work with this look.  Add a few bangles and a pair of pretty earrings.


To Class On a Rainy Day…           

You still want to look cute, but it is so nasty outside that it is a struggle getting ready.

Have your rain boots ready, and wear them with a pair of leggings. Sport a long raincoat (I like the trench-coat style) with a tee shirt underneath it.

Wear your hair up today in a cute style, whether you rock the new “sock bun,” or just a simple pony tail. Wearing your hair down in the rain will just make you feel icky.

Put on a cute headband and limit the jewelry. Carry a cute, water-repellant  tote to put your books in, grab it and walk out the door looking chic for a dreary day!


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