Concert Club’s first bus trip cancelled; future trips planned


By Austin Andersen

This past summer, Emily Pettengill ’14 was hired as the Union College promotor for Mass EDMC (Electronic Dance Music Community). With venues like the Washington Avenue Armory and Northern Lights in Clifton Park in the vicinity, and the presence of a sizable fanbase for electronic music here at Union, Pettengill wanted to make the whole concert experience for students a much safer one.

Her goal is clear: ‘While my job technically is to be promoting artists and the shows that Mass EDMC hosts, I want to do more for the college than that.” She continued, “I want to make sure that my friends and my peers can have an awesome musical experience in a great local venue and that they are ensured to make it home in one piece without hurting themselves or anyone around them.’ Pettengill mentioned how there were many times when she knew of peers who took chances driving to or from a venue after drinking.

Being that the first major show of the term was Tiesto on October 4th at the Armory, Pettengill was able to have the Concert Club hire a bus to take students to the show and if all goes smoothly, there will be the possibility of having more buses to shows in the future.

President of the Concert Club Steven Stangle ‘14 agreed with Pettingil’s sentiments. “While the safety is obviously a priority, we had other ideas in mind too,” he said.

In the past, the Concert Club has not been able to cater to everyone’s musical tastes. Though Union usually has a fall and winter concert in addition to the annual Springfest, not every type of music has been represented. “We also want to be able to ensure that people get to experience all sorts of musical genres. For those who are into the kind of music we haven’t seen at Union yet, this is an awesome opportunity to allow people to attend concerts that they really want to attend,” Stangle said.

Pettengill added,  “Experiencing live music is such a treasured experience, and I think that people will really do anything to see their favorite performers live.”

The eventual goal is to have free and safe transportation for Union students to and from major concerts in the area.

At the time of publication, Tiesto cancelled the concert at the Armory that Union students had planned to attend. However, Pettingil and the Concert Club will conitnue to work together to provide students transportation to concerts in the area in the future.


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