Are Dining Services’ aMEALiorations and redecorations enough?


By Isabelle Edwards

We talk about it, we bond over it, we crave it and we plan our days around it. One could even make the argument that we plan our entire lives around it. And now we have more declining balance to buy it. That’s right, I’m talking about food.

Dining Services has made quite a few improvements when it comes to how we eat here at Union. Beginning last year with the creation of a system that allows students to check how much declining balance they have online, Dining Services has continued to take strides in the right direction.

This year, Dining Services created new meal plans that increased the amount of declining balance a student receives when he or she signs up for fewer meals per week. This created a fairer and equal system because previously, one’s declining did not accurately make up for the meals he or she lost when switching to a lower meal plan. In the past, this imbalance had been one of the students’ greatest complaints, and thus, it is quite apparent that Dining Services has not only been listening to what students have to say, but has also been taking it to heart.

I might be a bit overly enthused about it all (the idea of now having even more access to copious amounts of sushi brightens my day), but I believe that Dining Services is truly stepping up and making positive changes to the way things work around here. I’m excited to see what Dining Services has in store for the future.


Mixed reviews of Dining Services:

Skellar: it looks beautiful and the new soda machine is pretty cool! There are smaller portions, no breakthrough healthy options, the mac and cheese ran out on the first night and do we really need loaded cheesy fries with bacon bits?

Meal plans: the increased declining for the 12, 10 and seven plans is great, but why exclude the higher plans? Even with the extra bump, it still seems like students are being ripped off.

Dining halls: The allergy room in West is well stocked (it is the start of the term after all), but Upper, Dutch and West all seem incapable of properly labeling ALL dishes for common allergens/dietary restrictions.

Food: Recycling is great! But if a cold pasta salad wasn’t eaten for lunch, chances are people won’t want to eat it when it’s been recooked and served warm and mushy for dinner.


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