Insight from the new Director of Greek Life


By News Staff

The Concordiensis got in contact with Union’s new Director of Greek life, Sunni Solomon II. He answered a few of our most pertinent questions about how he is going to approach things in the upcoming year.

C: What was the criteria for this position and how do you believe you meet that criteria?

SS: While I no longer have the physical job description, I believe that Union was searching for someone with experience in housing and residence life, fraternity and sorority advising, and administrative management of office functions–budgets, support staff, graduate assistants etc.– to come on board as the next Director. Going into my 7th year of working with fraternities and sororities, I’ve had the opportunity to learn and practice many of these responsibilities at several institutions across the nation. This, coupled with my undergraduate fraternal experience and my volunteer work within my organization and the Association of Fraternity Advisors strengthened my application, and from there I think it was all about fit.

C: Is there anything about Union’s Greek system that you find unique?

SS: Union College’s Greek community will be the oldest community I have worked with by far. I am interested in learning about the rich history and culture of the institution and the chapters that are currently present. Union is also a much smaller school than what I am used to, where the total size of the student body at Union is equal to the size of some of the fraternity/sorority communities I have had the pleasure of working with in the past…My hope is that this size differential will allow for greater relationship building, increased leadership development opportunities, and the creation of a cohesive Greek community.

C: Can you comment on the pledging incident that occurred at Binghampton in April when the college halted all pledging events due to several hazing concerns?

SS: The situation in question is ongoing, and out of respect for the institution as well as my former students, I feel right now is not the appropriate time to discuss cases that have not been closed. I will say that this situation has created a greater sense of peer to peer accountability, and that with the extremely talented student body at Binghamton University I am sure that they will be able to interpret and use everything that has happened to bring about positive change.

C: Some may argue that Greek communities at colleges like Union often bring negativity to campus. Some may even call for abolishing Greek systems in general. What do you think of this assessment? Should colleges like Union that have a vast history of Greek life keep Greek systems intact despite criticism?

SS: There is nothing wrong with evolution, so I see these comments as a charge for Greek communities nationwide to step our game up and be who we say we are. When our actions do not fall in line with our values and principles, that’s when these arguments come to life. My approach at Union will be to simply ask members to be who they claim they are on paper – live by your values and your rituals.


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