West beach fashion: Springfest 2012


By Elana Katz

Let’s be real: Union treats Springfest like its very own Coachella or Lollapalooza, minus the camping. This outdoor music festival is not only an integral part of Union’s most fun weekend, but also the perfect opportunity to show off personal style, however, often it isn’t obvious what is appropriate to wear.

For this year’s Springfest, channel your inner Alexa Chung or Drew Barrymore, both of whom often frequent the festival scene, and rock some inspired ensembles this Saturday on West Beach.

Four bold spring styles and patterns are sure to inspire the perfect ensemble for Springfest: pastels, florals, bird prints and global prints.

Each style and pattern has its own unique feel, allowing you to create an ideal balance between new and old pieces with funk and fashion.

Feeling peachy? Color blocked pastels are the perfect fit for anyone wanting to dress femininely this weekend. We’ve seen mint everywhere this season, primarily  paired with denim for a bold fashion statement. Mint can also, however, be toned down with a striking violet or orange sherbet crop top.

In order to maintain that girly vibe while wearing pastels this weekend, wear pearls or other elegant jewelry rather than statement pieces. Finish the ensemble off with Oxfords or ballet flats.

While a floral print doesn’t seem that revolutionary for the spring season, it truly allows for fantastic combinations when paired with denim and/or neon.

One way to make this season’s floral prints stand out is to sport structured pieces such as peplum blouses, blazers, slim fit pants and satchels. While this print is pretty busy, resist the temptation to wear a simple top. Pick a bolder print and maybe even incorporate a pastel piece into your ensemble for extra fashion points.

Also, bold-colored boat shoes are ideal for pairing with floral prints because they pick up the shades of the flowers. Try different shades of pink, ranging from neon to baby, for the perfect look.

Woodland creatures were the focal points of most tops last year, and this season hasn’t changed much. Give a warm welcome to the birds of prey as the new quirky animal pieces in your closet.

Bird print style has transferred from the runway to stores with designers such as Marc Jacobs and Jill Stuart at the forefront. From rompers to high-waisted skirts, this pattern comes in many shapes and styles, allowing for true personalization.

With this whimsical pattern, be sure to pair it with gold hoops and a neutral two-strap flat sandal.

Exotic, globally influenced pieces are the perfect way to spruce up a closet for springtime.

All it takes is one bold piece to transform an outfit this season; global inspired prints send outfits over the top. One of these patterns, ikat, is a blurred, diamond-like pattern that comes in a range of bright colors.

When purchasing ikat patterned maxi-dresses or wide-leg trousers, global prints are ideal for bringing that boldness to every day fashion.

Whether you decide to create an ensemble that meshes these prints or focus solely on one, let  spring be a season that you explore and develop your personal style during, starting with Springfest.


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