‘The Banner’: A newsletter about politics


By Charlotte Lehman

Zachary Jonas ‘14 and Joshua Ostrer ‘14 have started a new political newspaper on campus. Known as The Banner, this non-partisan newspaper will feature a variety of stories focusing on current political issues.

Jonas explained, “We’ll have prompts based on current events but people can write about whatever they want.  I would like to have some amount of local news, but it’s not going to be specifically focused there.  It will be focused on whatever the current issues are.”

“We’re hoping to have official club status by next term so that we can be writing about the presidential election,” he added. Jonas emphasized the non-partisan nature of the paper, saying, “Anyone can write.  We won’t censor one view or the other; instead we’ll encourage different points of view on the same issue in the issue of fairness and also in the interest of having a full dialogue.”

Jonas and Ostrer believe The Banner will fill a void on campus. “It’s meant to raise political awareness on campus, which is pretty low.  Political involvement is not really a big part of the campus environment and we think that by sparking debate in our pages and putting contentious issues out there we can raise that level of awareness,” said Jonas. “There are a lot of people who are interested in politics that I think feel that there isn’t enough dialogue on campus,” he continued.

So far, The Banner has been well-received and has garnered interest from every class level.  Jonas emphasized the need for freshmen interest to ensure the paper’s longevity.

If you are interested in helping establish The Banner, being a founding member or writing, contact Jonas and Ostrer at unionbanner@gmail.com.


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