Student Forum elections: Results and more


By Shayna Han

Students voted last Wednesday in Reamer to determine the 2012-2013 Student Forum Board.

Last Wednesday, May 9, Student Forum Executive Board Elections were held. From a laptop in Reamer or any room with Wi-Fi connectivity, students voted via the Internet for the 2012-2013 student government officials.

In previous years, about 500 people voted. This year, however, 749 people voted, a 50 percent increase in turn-out rates for the election.

The new leaders of Student Forum were identified in an e-mail sent in the late afternoon. The new President is Justin Reilly ‘13, Junior Student Trustee is Ryan Bottin ‘14, VP of Finance is Richard Harris ‘14, VP of Academics Najiba Keshwani ‘13, VP of Administration is Shawnagan Tangnavarad ‘13, VP of Sustainability is Max Fey ‘14, VP of Campus Life is Alexandra Walters ‘15, VP of Multicultural Affais is Joseph Mason ‘13.

Besides discussion for the election’s winners and losers, students commented upon the new way to cast ballots via their e-mail accounts. Former Student Forum President Mital Patel ‘12 said the most exciting thing about the elections this year was “the fact that we were going electronic for the first time.” Union students received an e-mail with a username and password to an Internet website. After logging in, the user could cast votes.

“It was very good,” Katie Manko ‘12 remarked, “it should always have been this way.” The old voting system was “really old-fashioned,” Manko said further, describing the old machines with the pull-lever formerly used in the elections.

Patel ‘12 talked about the conception of the Internet-voting idea, an idea she came up with while on a study abroad and unable to vote in the election that year.

The voting system was “one of the changes I really wanted to bring to this campus,” Patel said, mentioning students who couldn’t vote in years past because they were abroad or weren’t on-campus the day of the elections.


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