Steinmetz Symposium


By Austin Andersen

On Friday, May 11, as the 22nd annual Steinmetz Symposium occurred.

The Steinmetz Symposium is named after Charles Proteus Steinmetz, one of Union’s most revered faculty members, who taught electrical engineering and applied physics during his 58 years 3at the college. He was also a leading engineer for the General Electric Company, and was considered one of America’s most renowned electrical engineers.

Annually, classes are cancelled for the Steinmetz Symposium so that student research and achievements can be seen by the entire campus community.

Throughout the day, many projects were displayed. There were 60 poster presentations displayed in the Peter Irving Wold Center atrium, 260 oral presentations were given all over campus throughout the course of the day, dance and musical performances took place in the Nott Memorial and visual art exhibitions were shown.

Although the majority of presenters were seniors, there was a significant number of students from other years as well.

Director of Undergraduate Research Kristin Fox, who is responsible for scheduling the Symposium, noted, “A lot of students, by the time they get to senior year, are pretty excited and passionate about what they have done and are looking forward to share their work.”

Benjamin Engle ‘12 presented both his senior thesis “The State of Sustainable Transportation at Union” and his research project focusing on Union’s history, “Union 365: One Week in the History and Tradition of Union College.” Engle comments that it is the sharing that is key: “Steinmetz is a wonderful day to learn about the academic interests of fellow students.” Engle went on to say, “It is unique that Union has this opportunity for undergraduate research, and it is nice to be a part of this celebration of this research.”

Fox concurred, saying, “Like most events on campus, this one is made possible by a team effort of many campus faculty and staff… And, of course, it would be nothing at all without all the hard work of students to do the research and prepare the presentations.”


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