Spotlight: ASU’s Asian Heritage Month


By Sandee Sandhu

The month of May marks Asian Awareness Month or, as Asian Student Union president Tori Chee ‘13 prefers to call it, Asian Heritage Month.

Chee said of the event title, “Heritage sounds a lot better, it’s more encompassing and can still incorporate South Asian events like Shakti and Holi.

The ASU is participating in the larger national celebration of Asian culture in May by teaching the campus a couple of new things.

Chee explained, “[ASU’s] goal would be to help the campus understand that there’s not just one type of Asian. There’s not just oriental Asian, but South Asian, South East Asian, and so on. It’s a month to get to know what we do and what we stand for.”

To meet that goal, every week in May will feature an event that celebrates an aspect of Asian heritage, covering topics from culture to politics.

Last Thursday, there was a dinner and discussion on the Japanese animated movie Spirited Away, led by Anthropology Professor Paul Christensen, attended by many people.

This Thursday, the ASU will host a mini food festival at Breazzano at 6 p.m.; next Thursday, also at 6 p.m., a casino night will be held in Reamer.

Continuing with the Thursday theme, both Upper and West will spice up their menus and dish out an Asian-inspired meal.

Another highly-anticipated event will be the famous Takio drumming and dance performances on May 25 in Jackson’s Gardens.

So, after grabbing your lobster at Lobsterfest, be sure to continue the festivities by attending the show and enjoying some light dessert.

The ASU has grown throughout the years, and the change is visible.

This past fall term, Union hosted its first-ever Asian conference, called the Pan Asian American Workshop.

ASU hopes to continue to its Asian cultural activities by reaching out to surrounding communities and collaborating more with other groups on campus.


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