Science and Technology Update


By Joshua Ostrer

Google Zerg Rush:

Googling “Zerg Rush” will show you Google’s most recent experiment. Users watch as an army of “O’s” attack the text on the page. Users are able to fend off the attacking letters by rapidly clicking each one. The term “Zerg Rush” originates from the game Starcraft.


On March 26, the House passed the controversial Cyber Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) by a 248-168 vote. The bill’s controversey stems from provisions allowing the United States government to share internet traffic information with certain technology companies.

ITS Petition:

A petition drafted by Steven Stangle ‘14 to make ITS aware of insufficient internet speeds for students has amassed 231 signatures. The link to the petition can be found in the comments section of the article “Union’s Internet: Bandwidth & U.”

FBI Test:

The FBI is seeking information from anyone who believes they have been victimized by malware. The malware they are investigating modifies the user’s Domain Name Service (DNS) settings. You can check if you have the malware by going to and selecting the “DNS malware” form.


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