Local Competition for a free fruit orchard


By Charlotte Lehman

Vale Cemetery, ReTree Schenectady and Roots and Wisdom (an organization that teaches inner-city youth about leadership, responsibility and nutrition through growing produce for food charities and local green markets) have the opportunity to win a flowering fruit tree orchard.

However in order to win it, they are seeking the help of Union students.

The three groups have come together and become finalists in a competition to win the fruit orchard. Winners of the orchard prize will be the competitors who receive the most votes online.

While this Schenectady team has received 1,374 votes (as of printing time), the leading competitors have passed 14,000 votes. The top competitor has over 20,000 votes at the time of publication.

“If we are one of the top 10 we get 37 fruit trees and an irrigation system, which would be planted on the Brandywine Avenue entrance of the cemetery,” said Barbara McAvoy, a volunteer at Vale Cemetery.

“It would be a great thing for the city of Schenectady to have a beautiful orchard right in the middle of the city,” she continued.

Vale Cemetery, ReTree Schenectady and Roots and Wisdom need the votes of Union students. You can vote online at www.communitiestakeroot.com, where you will be prompted to enter your state and create an account.


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