Let’s talk fashion: Rachel Haber


By Elana Katz



Rachel Haber ‘14


Art History


Hewlett, NY


Museum hopping, going into Manhattan, watching films, walking on the Long Beach boardwalk

What inspired this outfit?

Honestly, I threw this on very quickly because I was in a rush and having a bad hair day.

Where did you find your style?

My mother. She has worked in retail for 10 years so she is my go-to for what’s in style and what to wear. I steal most of her clothes.

If you could raid anyone’s closet, who would it be and why?

Zooey Deschannel. I love the vintage look and the vibe that she has. It’s not just her clothes, but in her music and the way she composes herself, too.

Where do you like to shop?

Trinkets—the best store on Long Island, boutiques, Urban Outfitters and my mother’s closet.

What are your favorite pieces in your wardrobe right now?

This cement colored vintage maxi dress, a patchwork pink plaid top with a denim collar, round frame Ray Ban sunglasses and neon skinny leg denim jeans.

Describe your style in three words.

Oversized, comfortable and current.

What fashion advice would you give to other college students looking to improve their style on a budget?

Fashion is cyclical, so try and repurpose fashions from within the family. I plan on bringing back my mom’s maternity overalls this summer.

Elements of Rachel’s Outfit

Rachel’s outfit is the perfect combination of campus comfort and haute couture chic. The unique pieces compliment each other nicely, highlighting Rachel’s keen fashion sense and eye for unique and timeless pieces.

Floppy Hat

Rachel’s floppy hat is what struck me the most about her ensemble. On this particularly sunny day, a wide floppy hat will do the trick. Not only is the hat functional, protecting the wearer from the sun, but it also looks great with most outfits, as it is solid black. Whether you pick one up for those bad hair days like Rachel mentioned, or use it to accessorize, floppy hats are an ideal fashion asset.

Denim Vest

Denim is timeless and can be worn with almost anything. Rachel’s denim vest here was the perfect compliment to and cherry on top of her stylish ensemble. The vest adds edginess and pairs well with her global pattern shorts, picking up their turquoise hues.

Global Pattern Shorts

Globally influenced pieces are also the perfect way to spruce up a closet for springtime. With an intricate pattern and bold colors, these shorts from Urban Outfitters are ideal for class or a night out. Rachel wears them high-waisted with a solid black tee tucked in, allowing these shorts to be the focal point of the ensemble. This pair also has deep pockets for throwing in last minute things.

Utility Biker Boots

Zipper embellished and low cut, these black utility boots are the perfect all-season pair. Rachel rocks them with this springtime ensemble but they can easily be worn with an oversized sweater and leggings during the colder months. They’re functional, versatile and a stylish alternative to flip-flops or sneakers.



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