Is Union the original Hogwarts of Schenectady, New York?


By Samantha Tyler

Samantha Tyler ‘14 offers 12 reasons as to why Union resembles the magical castle, Hogwarts.


12. We have an astronomy tower. But as far as we know no one’s been killed up there.


11. Harry Potter’s wand was here, at our school. This fact is much less surprising if you consider the possibility that Union is actually Hogwarts.


10. When every class you need and want to take is offered at 11:45 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, going to your advisor for a time-turner seems like the only viable option.


9. For some reason it is preferred that Freshmen be called First-years.



8. Schaffer Library’s Head of Access Services Robyn Reed can often be seen with her dog by her side. Not only does her dog look like the most well known animagus, but his name also happens to be Sirius.


7. There are a lot of Weasleys that attend Union.


6. If you walk out of the library as the sun is setting, it becomes pretty clear that, like the ceiling of the Great Hall, the sunsets here are magically driven. The only things missing are the floating candles.


5. The most magical building on campus, the Nott Memorial, was designed by Edward Tuckerman Potter, the grandson of Eliphalet Nott.


4. Hockey is our Quidditch. The team consists of Chasers and Beaters and one Keeper.


3. Union’s tie to the Roman goddess of medicine, wisdom and magic convinces me that the Minerva we have engraved in the sidewalk by Memorial Chapel and stamped on almost all official Union papers has the last name McGonagall.


2. The school claims that we are randomly placed into the different Minerva houses, but whom do they think they are kidding? There is obviously either a sorting hat, a pair of Dutch shoes or some other type of magical object that splits us into seven houses. No wonder why RPI wants those shoes so badly!


1. Most chemistry lab classes seem like potions class; there’s always a possibility that someone will blow everything up.




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