How to order the perfect O3 sandwich


By Miriam Hammer

Working at the organic café, O3, in Reamer is quite an exciting job. Not only do I get to converse with Yvonne and Suzette for hours on end (those who have met these fun-loving ladies know what I am talking about), but I also get the opportunity to interact with sandwich and salad-lovers from all walks of Union.

While O3 is always a blast, anybody who comes into our little corner of the Campus Center from the hours of 12:50 to 1:30 p.m. knows how busy and hectic it can become. Amidst the hustle and bustle that defines common lunch, there is nothing worse than a student who comes up to the counter without knowing how to properly order an O3 sandwich. O3 is a small establishment, with a limited number of toasters and hands. During our busy hours we try to be as efficient as possible while ensuring that the food is well prepared. Common lunch is a very stressful time, so for the sake of not looking like an O3 rookie, here are a few simple steps to follow:

1. Say whether you want your bread toasted or not. If you do want your bread toasted, do not bother to give the rest of your sandwich order yet, because by the time the toast is ready we will have forgotten. If you do not want your bread toasted, proceed to step number two.

2. Choose a condiment (salad dressing, cranberry mayo, mustard, etc.). Again, do not give the rest of your sandwich order without stating first what condiment you want.

3. Proceed to give the rest of your sandwich order in the following order: meat, vegetables and then cheese.

4. State if you want a panini, before we cut it.

And voila! You have ordered the perfect O3 sandwich—saving those of us who are working behind the counter the agony of having to ask unnecessary questions, and saving the people who are in line behind you from waiting any longer.

Now, for inspiration. I have heard some pretty wacky sandwich orders in my day (peanut butter and spinach?) but below are, in my opinion, the most delicious sandwiches that O3 has to offer.

For meat-lovers:

• Toasted whole-wheat

• Horseradish mayonnaise

• Roast beef

• Cucumbers

• Shredded cheddar cheese

• A little bit of lettuce

For vegetarians:

•  Spinach wrap

• Hummus

• Feta cheese

• Fresh peppers

• Roasted red peppers

• Cucumbers

• Spinach

• Tomatoes


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