Greek life changes to be implemented in the fall



Dear Campus Community,


Having reviewed our current social policies, national chapters have strongly recommended that we as a Greek system adhere to expected risk management guidelines.

In accordance with National Fraternity and Sorority guidelines, Union College will be making changes to its social policies beginning Fall 2012.

The first change that will be implemented is that all registered social events will be moving to a list based system.

This is not in an effort to make Greek life events more exclusive; rather, these policies are a part of national Greek guidelines, and are being enacted to heighten the sense of accountability during social events.

In order to start the year on a healthy and productive note Union’s administration have also requested that temporary social policies be put in place during the first five weeks of fall term.

For the first two weeks all fraternity functions will be dry events. This is an effort to allow Greek houses to focus on rush and recruitment events.

Starting week three the guest list system will be put in place. These lists can include pledging sophomores as well as all juniors and seniors.

In an effort to meet the request of Union’s administration prior to week five, no freshman or independent sophomores will be allowed to be placed on a registered party guest list.

After week 5 fall term, any Union student will be eligible to attend Greek parties, provided they have received an invitation.

These changes are being put in place in order to ensure Union’s Greek Community will continue to thrive into the future.





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