An issue for our generation and Union’s campus


By Sandee Sandhu

Thursday, April 25 marked the first showing of TransGeneration, a documentary following the lives of four transgender college students. This event was inspired after several Union students attended the Northeast LGBT conference during the weekend of March 30. One of the caucuses was lead by T.J. Jourian, a man who identifies as a female-to-male trans person. His journey was traced in the documentary and he spoke about the various hardships and discriminations faced by those who identify as trans.

The conversation was brought back to the Union campus through dinner and discussion of TransGeneration. The discussion opened a space for conversation. While some were more comfortable with the subject matter, the unfamiliarity with the trans community made most think.

Narcisso Rosado ‘15 commented, “It was definitely a new experience.  When watching the film, because I was never really exposed to the topic of transgender, I felt different inside. It’s all about exposure. I’m not close-minded, but it’s something I never experienced before.”

The forefront of conversation revolved around how accommodating Union might be toward the trans population, though it might not have a highly populated trans campus.

Lucas Rivers ‘15 noted, “Perhaps the reason why we don’t have an apparent population [of trans people] here is because of the needed improvements Union needs to strive for gender neutral zones and an educated student body on the issues, for example.”

A dinner and discussion on the second episode of TransGeneration will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. in Beuth on May 9.


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