The Rise of Draw Something


By Joshua Ostrer

If you have a smartphone, there is a good chance you have downloaded Draw Something, a new application allowing you to doodle with friends. The new application has experienced a nearly unparalleled popularity in its first few months on the Android and iPhone App stores.

Draw Something is a Pictionary-like game that has you draw a picture on your phone and send it to a friend or random player to guess what you’ve drawn, and then create a drawing of their own and send it back for you to guess.

The application was launched at the beginning of February by OMGPOP, a New York City based website in operation since 2006. However, due to Draw Something’s enormous popularity, OMGPOP was acquired by Zynga, a game development company based in San Francisco, for $180 million.

Why was OMGPOP acquired so quickly? As of March 16, Draw Something was registering 10.8 million Facebook users a day, even topping the popular app Words with Friends by over two million users.

As of April 4, Draw Something had amassed over 50 million downloads in under nine weeks and is averaging 24 million active users daily.

How fast was the rise of Draw Something? It took AOL nine years to gain its first million users. It even took Facebook nine months. It only took Draw Something nine days.

But are people actually playing the game and not just downloading it? The answer is yes. Since its launch, Draw Something has sent over six billion drawings, one billion drawings in the first week of April alone.

With Draw Something receiving 2,000 drawings a second, it should come as little surprise that the application is the number one app in 85 countries.

Draw Something is reportedly making $250,000 daily and has been valued by experts at around $1 billion.

However, the owners of Draw Something have no intention of slowing down as a number of features have been recently added, including chat capability, the ability to save drawings to your phone and to instantly upload the drawings to Facebook or Twitter.

Draw Something can be found on both the Android and iPhone app stores.


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