Spotlight on the Arts


By Elizabeth Nailling

Put on your 3D glasses, folks!
Vishnu Gollakota ’12, Union’s first artist to mix 3D and oil painting, has brought the Arts Atrium Gallery to life with his mesmerizing exhibit.
Gollakota’s pieces will be up in the Gallery until Saturday, April 8, so be sure to stop in and take a look while his unique artwork is still on display.
Gollakota’s ‘Artist Statement,’ posted at the beginning of the exhibit where 3D glasses are distributed, gives viewers a clear idea of the theme behind his work, stating, “I plan to demonstrate the commonalities that human beings experience…The themes of the images will include my views on development, interaction, experiences, childhood, and corruption that will lead one to change into an adult.”
These themes are definitely apparent through his works, especially the ones entitled ‘Why?’ (which depicts a young girl admiring an ideal, sexy woman) and “some assembly required,” (which features an image of a young boy doing a puzzle with the missing pieces on his face and body).
The featured piece is called “Many Beards of Vish,” a fascinating self-portrait that makes excellent use of the 3D effect.
How is this 3D effect achieved? Gollakota explained, “I printed the 3D images on transparency paper and glued them to the canvas.” The images on transparency paper pop out against the canvas background when you look through the 3D glasses.
If you are passing the Visual Arts Department in your travels around campus this week, Gollakota’s exhibit is definitely worth the visit.


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