Spotlight on the arts


By Elizabeth Nailling

exhibition is that photography is a … potent tool in objectifying what is in its lens, and that over time … the photograph in Africa has changed from being an instrument of the European colonist—to the later African studio ‘dream factories’ in the cities—to the rich and complex work of African photographers today.”

While this evolution of African photography is evident through the changing subjects and artistic elements purposefully created by the photographers, there is an underlying tone of hopelessness in this selection of photos.

Many of them encourage viewers to acknowledge the continuity of the injustices that the continent’s people and environment face.

During the second half of the event, attendees were entertained by the performance of drummers from Ghana.

They engaged the audience by filling the Nott Memorial with the sound of intricate beats that persuaded many members of the crowd to clap and dance.

Between the photography and music, each attendee walked away with a new appreciation and understanding for an often misrepresented continent that has maintained a wide-range of vibrant cultures through colonization, revolution and regaining independence.


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