Preventable tragedies: School shootings on campuses


By Austin Andersen

On April 2, a lone gunman killed seven students and wounded three others at Oikos University in Oakland, CA. Oikos is a Christian school catering primarily to the Korean-American population in the area.

The alleged shooter, One L. Goh, is a Korean national and former nursing student at the university. The gunman entered the school at about 10:30 a.m. where shots were then reported. SWAT teams arrived shortly after the shooting and attempted to secure the area, locating victims and trying to get them to safety as they searched for the gunman.

Goh was apprehended without conflict at a Safeway supermarket in Alameda, California at 11:30 a.m. after he was approached by a security guard for suspicious behavior. The guard claimed Goh  said that he needed to speak to the police because he had shot several people.

Early reports say that Goh felt that he was disrespected by other students at Oikos, which may have been the reason for his subsequent bad behavior that caused the administration to ask him to leave Oikos. This, in conjunction with the loss of two family members the previous year and being in serious debt undoubtedly further added to the emotional stress that resulted in this tragedy.

This story keeps the issue of school bullying and its consequences at the forefront of debate. Goh’s story in particular shows that bullying has no age limit, and despite all the efforts to end these repeated acts of school violence, shootings like these persist. These stories seem to appear in the media more often, making the issue a pressing one that must be addressed before another story like this makes headlines.


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