Lovin’ Lippman: A professorial POV


By Shilpa Darivemula

Another professor who echoes Brennan’s sentiments is Professor Joyce Madancy of the history department. Madancy has been at Union for about 17 years, teaching history classes on Japan, Korea, and China.

Like Brennan, Madancy smiled emphatically while describing the differences the renovations have made to her time spent in the office.

“There were so many issues with the old building—plumbing problems, paint peeling off of the ceiling, heating issues. It made the place really depressing,” said Madancy.

She also really enjoys having a window and being able to personalize her office.

In fact, Madancy explained that each professor got to pick an accent color for one wall in their office and the variety of colors they chose (ranging from greens, to hot pink, to her garnet red) really show the diversity in personalities in Lippman Hall.

Professor Janet Grigsby of the sociology department said, “What’s here that’s not to love? The office spaces are very comfortable and it is nice to be back with my department again.”

Sometimes, departmentalization causes each group to idolate themselves and the silence in the building is often unnerving.

When I shared this thought with Grisby, she commented that she is convinced that the sterile, empty feeling will change with time.

Grisby said, “The character of the old building is something Lippman does not yet have.”

However, with more use, interaction, and adjustment, she believes it can happen.

For now, Grisby and the rest of the professors here ask the campus to come use Lippman and enjoy its new facilities.


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